Astara Mitaka Series Release Notes (UNRELEASED)


Astara has dropped a number of legacy convenience hooks available in earlier releases. The hooks complicated automation and created potential for mismatch of end state and the desired state.

Astara Mitaka Series Release v8.0.0.

New Features

  • Blueprint astara-rootwrap - We replace shelling out directly to sudo with the oslo.rootwrap library.
  • blueprint autogen-astara-conf-file - This switches astara to use oslo-config-generator, where the contents of our sample configuration file are configured using a configuration file in etc/oslo-config-generator/.
  • Operators may now associate custom drivers and image IDs to tenants, via the Neutron API, to override global configuration, providing support for dynamic user-provided network functions. To enable this feature, set enable_byonf=True in orchestrator.ini and be sure the version of astara-neutron loaded into Neutron supports the BYONF API.
  • Astara now supports orchestrating clustered pairs of appliance VMs for Neutron routers that have the been set to highly-available.
  • The orchestrator now pushes local orchestrator-specific configuration into the appliance, allowing services like the metadata proxy to be configured specifically for current cluster layout.

Upgrade Notes

  • Astara will no longer automatically add the external gateway to a router. Previous usage was causing issues with automation tooling.
  • Astara no longer requires the external network and subnet id to be known. In production deployments this step was handled externally and the internal hooks were often disabled.

Deprecation Notes

  • The amqp_url config option has been deprecated in favor using oslo.messaging backend specific configution. See example configuration file for an example. The pre-Liberty rabbit options have been removed.

Critical Issues

  • The devstack plugin no longer creates the external network as before and instead follows the setup used for reference implementation.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 1539786 Varible MTU support is now supported by the orchestrator and passed to appliance. This requires Neutron with MTU extension enabled to support.
  • Bug 1524979, Bug 1528338 - astara-debug-router command has been fixed
  • Bug 1537500 Fixes tenant_id issue when rebuilding router from the astara-ctl browser
  • Bug 1527396 Fixes issue where, after a cluster rebalance, stat machines are created across all workers and instead ensures they are only created on a single target worker.
  • Bug 1524595 astara-ctl warning message for deprecated AMQP configuration
  • Bug 1539345 auto added resources break interoperability
  • Bug 1524068 Local management port addresses are now allocated from the management subnet rather than using a hard-coded address, fixing Neutron port address conflicts when clustering astara-orchestrators.
  • Bug 152492 Fixed astara-ctl ssh command
  • Bug 1535857 The additional “leadership” member reported by zookeeper is now ignored to avoid hashing resources to a non-existent node.
  • Bug 1531597 - Deleted resources are properly invalidated from the local tenant resource cache